Hand made t-shirts by Kenzie are one of a kind 100% personalised garments that are made to order. Kenzie is an artist who lives in Sydney, you can see the kind of things she makes here, to give you some sort of an idea of what you may be in for if you decide to place and order. It is also advisable to check out the gallery page on this site to get an idea of the kind of style you’ll be investing in.

So what happens is, you order a t-shirt from Kenzie and tell her a bit about yourself, or the person you’re ordering for (they make great presents) and then she sits down and has a good hard think about how to combine all of your interests into one bright, colourful design. What could be more personal, more intimate, more you?!?!

You pay $65 + postage, which may seem a bit steep BUT the t-shirts she uses are top quality American Apparel and you are ordering an artwork, which Kenzie makes with her artist hands, so it’s really a bargain when you think about it like that. Then she sends your order via Australia Post, usually within about two weeks but she’ll let you know if there is a waiting list as there sometimes has to be.

Reactions to brand new HMTBK are usually uncontainable and this is something you will have to learn to manage when wearing your new T-shirt in public. I must warn you that these t-shirts are babe magnets, as irresistible as a puppy licking an ice cream cone or a cat looking unhappy wearing a baby’s bonnet and sitting in a pram. Or give a HMTBK to your partner to increase physical and emotional intimacy, your friends will start to refer to you as ‘their cool friend’ when introducing you to new people and your boss will probably tell you to go home and change if you wear it to work. HMTBK are also great for babies, children and cats (yes there have been orders for cat t-shirts, don’t be so shocked!)

Send an email to the address below if anything about this process confuses or offends you, like the FB page and feel free to post a picture of you wearing your cool new t-shirt once it arrives, unless you hate it, in which case, don’t do anything.




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