So to place your T- shirt order just let me know what size you would like and then click ‘buy now’. You will then be directed to Paypal where you can enter your ‘about me’ details. This is where you tell me about you and the things that you like so that i can transform these details into a personalised hand drawn T- shirt that is ‘simply you’.
If you would like a ‘two way’ or ‘three way’ T- shirt please also let me know about this in the ‘about me’ section, but you will have to adjust your quantity to correspond to the amount of T- shirts that you are ordering.
If you would like more than one T-Shirt or if you have a lot to tell me about yourself please feel free to email me any further details. I can be contacted at, kenzielarsen (at) gmail (dot) com.

T- shirt and shipping option

If you are just ordering one shirt you don’t need to worry about this but if you are ordering multiple shirts please read on…
Paypal issues…. Ok so i am still working out the best buttons to use and at the moment you may notice that if you order more than one shirt you will get charged for shipping again. But have no fear, i am fixing the problem, in the meantime if you place an order for multiple shirts and get charged multiple times for shipping i will refund you the extra shipping fees to make sure you only pay for shipping once. If you have any issues shoot me an email! xxk

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